HYMN 267

C.M (FE 287) 8686 (C.M)

1.  GOD doth see all the work we do 

     All are not from Him hid

     And within us our faulty thoughts 

    Glaringly known to Him.

2.  Our sins from Him we cannot hide 

     Them He knows every one,

     We lie, our feeble frame deceive 

     If we think He knows not.

3.  All things unto Him manifest 

     Before His sacred eyes

     Both night and day, darkness and light 

     Unto His sight are same.

4.  May we in mem’ry be oh God 

     Thine eyes are e’er on us

     And help us, Lord, in awe to be 

     Not against Thee to sin.  Amen

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