HYMN 269

"For thy name's sake O Lord pardon 
mine iniquity for it is great" - Ps. 25:11

1.  NO, not despairinegly 

     Come I to Thee: 

     No; not despairingly 

     Bend l the knee

     Sin hath gone over me,

     Yet is this still my plea, 

     Jesus hath died.

2.  Ah! mine iniquity 

     Crimson has been

     Infinite, infinite

     Sin upon sin

     Sin of not loving Thee 

     Sin of not trusting Thee 

     Sin of not trusting Thee 

     Infinite sin.

3.  Lord, I confess to Thee 

     Sadly my sin

     All I am tell I Thee,

     All I have been,

     Purge Thou my sin away 

     Wash Thou my soul this day 

     Lord, make me clean.

4.  Faithful and just an Thou, 

     Forgiving all:

     Low at Thy pierced feet, 

     Saviour, I fall:

     Oh let the cleaning blood, 

     Blood of the Lamb of God, 

     Pass o’er my soul.

5.  Then all is peace and light 

     This soul within:

     Thus shall I walk with Thee 

     The loved unseen, 

     Leaning on Thee, my God 

     Guided along the road, 

     Nothing between.  Amen

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