HYMN 275

C.M.S 148 t.H.C 94 S.M (FE 295)

1.  OUR heavenly Father calls

Christ calls us unto Him

Our friendship shall be sweet with them 

Precious, our fellowship.

2.  Thy tender mercy Show 

In pardoning my sins

My heart to wisdom He applied 

And my footsteps guideth.

3.  His grace how bountiful

A rich store house hath He

This grace the Lord Himself bestows 

It is bought with His blood.

4.  Jesus, my fountain head 

Thy holy name l bless 

lntercessor with the Father 

The Bishop of my souls!

5.  My heart and all my will

Wait patiently, below 

Until sweet communion is full 

High up in heaven above.  Amen

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