HYMN 278

C.M.S 156 T.H.C 182 C.M (FE 298)
Tune: CM Emi ba n'egberun ahon

1.  MY affliction consider Lord

     Thine help we plead o! send

     My fainting heart yearns to be saved

     My works may though not end.

2.  Of benefit to me it be

     When I my Father scold

     Thine salutes my mother tutored

     That I may trust in Thee.

3.  Righteuos Thine judgment this I know

     E'en thou it's bile and firm

     All tribulations I endure.

    From Thee emanate all.

4.  When not I Thine chaste recognize

     Often astrey I go 

     But now as much Thine word I learn

     Astray I go no more.  Amen 

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