HYMN 279

8888 (L.M)

1.  SINNER, prepare now to be wise

     Tarry not oft to the morrow

     As long as wisdom thought deride

     Wisdom the more hidden will be.

2.  Get ready for mercy to ask 

     Tarry not oft to the morrow

     Before thy days on earth are o'er

     Before earthly sunset arrives.

3.  Prepare, O sinner to return

     Tarry not on to the morrow 

     So thou be not accursed become 

     Ere shall tomorrow‘s day arise.

4.  Prepare thy blessing to receive

     Tarry not Oh to the morrow

     Hence now thy lamp burning and trimmed 

     Hence now the new dawn shall arise.

5.  Lord, make the sinner to repent

     From foolish slumber him arouse

     The wisdom may he not declined

     And to doom may he not reclined.  Amen

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