(FE 45)
Tune - Let us With a gladsome mind

1.  O LORD God of the Sabbath 

Descend on us in thy power 

Command blessings from above 

Let‘s have your impact in us.

2.  Let's beseech thee and see, thee 

As the God of Cherubim 

Descend on us Thy sweet love 

In the midst of Seraphim.

3.  And let all the whole wide world 

Listen to thy holy words

Pacify the stubborn ones 

Resuscitatc the dead souls.

4.  Let those who seek Thee have Thee 

And arose the fallen ones

Heal the sick and lead the blind

So we together praise thee.

5.  Blessed be Thy Holy word 

Thou sent this season to us 

Let the world by Him inspire 

In the power of trinity.

6.  Glory be to our Father 

Glory be unto His Son 

Glory to the Holy Ghost 

Glory be to Trinity.  Amen

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