HYMN 283

C.M.S 147 H.C 154 C.M (FE 303) 
"Lord remember me" - Luke 23:42

1.  O Thou from whom all goodness flows, 

      I lift my heart to Thee;

      In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes 

      Dear Lord, remember me.

2.  Than on my aching burden'd heart 

     My sins heavily lie

     Thy pardon grant, Thy peace impart: 

     In love remember me.

3.  When trials sore obstruct my way 

     And ills I cannot feel

     Oh let my strength be as my day; 

     For good remember me.

4.  If on my face for Thy dear name 

     Shame and reproaches be;

     l‘ll hail reproach, and welcome shame 

     If Thou remember me.

5.  And Oh, when in the hour of death, 

     I own Thy just decree

     Be this the prayer of my last breath 

     Dear Lord, remember me.  Amen

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