HYMN 284

C.M.S 184 k. 151
t.h.e 147 c.m. (FE 305)
Tune: CM. “Jesu l'oluso agutan mi"

1.  JESUS upon Thee revealeth

     Multilide of glories

     More in quantom than precious stones 

     Seen upon Aaron's robe.

2.  Of ought sacrifices offered

     All for sins committed

     Jesus Thou unblemished and pure 

     And sacred is Thine being.

3.  Jesus King of glory reigneth 

     In hea-venly Zion 

     Similitude of the slain Lamb 

     And of our Greatest priest.

4.  Solicitor before our God 

     Forever shall endure

     Grant Him my soul thy petitions 

     Fatherly grace receive.  Amen

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