HYMN 288

C.M.S 196 H.C 460 C.M (FE 309)

1.  HOSANNA unto David's son 

     Hosanna, raise the strain

     For blessed is He that will come 

     In the name of the Lord.

2.  Hosanna unto David‘s son

     The angel host did sing

     All creatures, join the loud refrain 

     Hosanna to our King.

3.  Hosanna for the Hebrew throng 

     Spread palm fronds on the road 

     Hosanna we have brought our gifts 

     For to prepare His way.

4.  Brethren young, old sing hosanna 

     Before His suffering comes 

     Today we all sing hosanna

     As Jesus reigns above.

5.  As Thou received the children's praise 

     Accept the prayers we bring

     And join the heavenly host to sing 

     Hosanna to our King.  Amen

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