HYMN 289

H.C 144. 7s (FE 310)
“Out of the depths have I cried unto 
Thee O Lord” - Ps 130:1

1.  THOU who dist on Calvary bleed, 

     Thou who dost for sinners plead, 

     Help me in my time of need, 

     Jesus, hear my cry.

2.  In my darkness and my grief, 

     With my heart of unbelief,

     I, who am of sinners chief,

     Lift to Thee mine eye.

3.  Foes without and fears within 

     with no plea 

     Thy grace to win,

     But that Thou canst save from sin,

     To Thy cross I fly.

4.  Brethren, long in fetters bound, 

     There deliverance sought and found, 

     Heard the voice of mercy sound, 

     Surely so may I.

5.  There an Thee I cast my care, 

     There to Thee l raise my prayer, 

     Jesus, save me from despair, 

     Save me, or I die.

6.  When the storms of trial lower, 

     When I feel temptation‘s power 

     In the last and darkest hours, 

     Jesus, be Thou near.  Amen

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