6686 (S.M)

1.  OUR God who art in heav‘n 

     Who in only six days 

     Created everything on earth 

     And rested on the seventh.

2.  lt is Thy strict command

     To allow the seventh day,

     But for those who will not obey 

     Thine anger will wax hot.

3.  Each ancestor of ours

     ln darkness of sin died

     They were die-hard idolaters 

     Without knowing thy law.

4.  Here we come Jesus Lord, 

     Following Thy command 

     After our six days of labour 

     Gathered to do Thy will.

5.  Day of rest is holy

     We ought to rest in it 

     Assembled are we in Thy house 

     To hear Thy Holy word.

6.  There is still one great rest

     For Thy people Oh Lord

     O Jesus Lord, Thou blessed Son 

     Lead us unto Thy rest.  Amen

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