HYMN 292

t.H.C. 233 C.M (FE 313) 
Tune: CM Emii ba le fiwa pele

1.  CHRIST Jesus our cross and our song 

     Deepest mystery revealed 

     Mockery it seemeth to the Jews 

     Insanity to Greeks.

2.  But all hearts convened of God 

     Gladly receive the word

     Wisdom, strength, love they receiveth 

     Revealeth in their God.

3.  The Savour of His living name 

     All dead souls reviving 

     Disbelief can our soul defile 

     Unto condemnation.

4.  Save by chance God His grace

     Alike downpour of rain

     Apollos may sow all in vain

     Paul irrigate in vain.  Amen

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