HYMN 294

(FE 315) HC 184 t. H.C 2nd
Ed 165 D. 8s 7s

1.  GREAT high priest, we see 

thee stooping

With our names upon Thy breast

In the garden groaning, drooping

To the ground with horrors prest 

Wondering angels stood confounded,

To behold their maker thus

And can we remain unwounded 

When we know ‘twas all for us?

2.  Nothing but Thy blood. O Jesus 

Can our wayward souls convert 

Nothing else from guilt release us 

Nothing else can melt the heart 

Law and terrors do but harden

All the while alone the work

But the sense of blood-bought pardon 

Can a heart of stone dissolve.

3.  Jesus, all our consolations

Flow from Thee, the sovereign good 

Love, and faith, and hope, and patience 

All are purchased by Thy blood 

From Thy fullness them we receive 

Nothing of our own possessed

Thine delight, freely to offer

To the needy in Thee trust.  Amen

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