HYMN 295


H.C 190 L.M (FE 316)
"For these things I weep; mine eye
runneth down with water" - Lam. 1:16

1.  OH come and mourn with me awhile 

     Oh come ye to the Saviour’s side; 

     Oh come together let us mourn; 

     Jesus our Lord, is crucified.

2.  Have we no tears to shed for Him 

     Soldiers scorn and while Jews deride?

     Ah! look how patiently He hangs

     Jesus our Lord is crucified.

3.  Seven times words of love He spake, 

      And all three hours His silence cried 

     Mercy require for souls of men; 

     Jesus our Lord is crucified.

4.  Oh break or bend, hard heart of mine

     Thy weak self-love and guilty pride 

     Betray'd condemn‘d and scourged 

     Thy Lord 

     Jesus our Lord Is crucified.

5.  Come standing by the cross of woe 

     Drooping blood from Christ Jesus ribs 

     May overflow and thee o'erwhelm 

     Jesus our Lord is crucified.

6.  A broken heart, a fount of tears 

     Request and will not thee decline 

     Lord Jesus, may we love and weep 

     Since Thou for us art crucified.

7.  O, love of God O sin of man

     In this dread act your strength is tried 

     And victory with thy love remains 

     For love Himself was crucified.  Amen

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