HYMN 296

H.C 195 8s. 7s (FE 317)
"It is finished" - John 19:30

1.  HARK, the voice of love and mercy 

     Sounds aloud from Calvary

     See it rends the rocks asunder 

     Shakes the earth and veils the sky 

     “It is finish’d", It is finished

     Here the dying Saviour cry.

2.  “It is finish’d Oh what pleasure

     Do the wondrous words afford, 

     Heavenly blessings without measure 

     Flow to us from Christ the Lord 

     “It is finish’d", It is finished

     Saints the dying was record.

3.  Finish‘d all the types and shadows

     Of the ceremonial law,

     Finish’d all that God had promised 

     Death and hell no more shall awe

     “It is finish'd", It is finished

     Saints from hence your comfort draw.

4.  Tune your harps anew, ye Seraphs 

     Strike them to Emmanuel‘s name 

     All on earth, and all in heaven 

     Join the triumph to proclaim 

     Hallelujah, Hallelujah

     Glory to the bleeding Lamb!  Amen

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