HYMN 297

H.C 183 t. 164 TABI 183 C.M 
(FE 318)
“Behold the Lamb of God" - John 1:36

1.  BEHOLD the Lamb of God, 

     who bore 

     Thy burdens on the tree

     He died the captives to restore
     His blood was shed for thee.

2.  Look to him, till the sight endears 

     The Saviour to thy heart

     His pierced feet bedew with tears 

     Nor from His cross depart.

3.  Look to him, till His dying love

     Thy every thought control

     Its vast constraining influence Prove

     O'er body, spirit, soul.

4.  Look to Him, as the race ye run 

     Thy never-failing friend

     He Will complete the work begun 

     And grace in glory end.  Amen

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