HYMN 298

H.C 191 8s. 7s (FE 319) 8787

1.  SWEET the moments, rich in blessing 

     Which before the cross I spend

     Life, and health, and peace possessing 

     From the sinner's dying Friend.

2.  Here l'll sit, for ever viewing 

     Mercy's stream in streams of blood 

     Precious drops, my soul bedewing 

     Plead, and claim my peace with God.

3.  Truly blessed Is this station 

     Low before His cross to lie 

     While I see divine compassion 

     Beaming in His languid eye.

4.  Love and grief my heart dividing 

     With my tears His feet I'll bathe 

     Constant still in faith abiding 

     Life deriving from His death.

5.  Lord, in ceaseless contemplation 

     Fix my thankful heart on Thee

     Till I taste Thy full salvation

     And Thine unveil'd glory see.  Amen

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