C.M.S.2t, S. 634, CM (FE 20)
"I laid down and slept I awaked for 
the Lord sustained me" - Ps.3:5

1.  Through all the dangers of the night 

The Lord doth keep me safe,

To see another morning dawn

And to bow down the knee.

2.  Oh Lord we pray keep us today 

Beneath Thy mighty wings

Only the ones whom thou doth keep 

Are from all dangers free.

3.  Let all our thoughts and all our deeds 

Show we belong to Thee

So that our light may truly shine

And beam to all the world.

4.  O grant that we never stray from Thee 

Jesus, Saviour Divine

Until our eyes there shall behold 

Thy face for ever more.  Amen

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