HYMN 304

C.M.S 198. t.H.c. 190 C.M. (FE 345)

1.  COME let‘s unto Jesus attend 

     At Garden Getsemane

     Where in deeper supplicalions 

     Mercies of God His plea.

2.  Behold the sacred head He bow‘d 

     Deeply and sore depress‘d

     Our sins with agony He bore 

     Iniquities of men.

3.  Wretehed sinners' Thy Lord behold 

     Saviour lmmaculate

     Forsaken of Father above 

     Rejecteth sake of thee.

4.  Will thou un-repent on Him gaze 

     Embracing yet thy sin

     Mercies day here and passing bye 

     Mercies day shall be gone.  Amen

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