HYMN 310

8s. 6s. (FE 331)
Tune: 8s 6 Bi mo ti ri laisawawi

1.  CHRIST Jesus Oh Lord here we come 

     O! day of our resurrection

     Our hearts we lift on high to Thee 

     Unto Thine sacred holy name.

2.  Fellowship with us Father God 

     Fellowship with us God the Son

     Commune with us Holy Spirit 

     Consecrate us all Lord we plead.

3.  This day Lord we offer Thee thanks 

     In awfulness we worship Thee

     Save us Lord from this world of woe 

     Let's not be disgraced here on earth.

4.  Hossanah to Thee Gracious King 

     We thank,Thee for resurrection 

     To the Holy One who arose 

     Thanks we offer to trinity.

5.  Glory be to Father above

     Glory be also to the Son

     Glory be to Holy Spirit

     Glory be to the Almighty.  Amen

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