HYMN 313


C.M.S 213. H.C. 201 P.M. 10s
(FE 334)
"They shall look on Him whom 
they pierced." - John 19:37

1.  THE Garden Wrestling in agony, 

wrestling alone Weary for human 

love and finding none.

2.  While over Olive! sleeps the 

moon‐light Whose is that broken 

prayer troubling night?

3.  What are those drops of blood 

falling like rain

Wrung from that heart of Thine 

Man of pain.

4.  Anguish unspeakable writton Thy 

brow Suppliant sufferer. who art Thou?


1.  HARK, in thy bosom‘s depths speaks 

He to thee

Child of My dying love, follow Me"

2.  Shall I not drink the cup My 

Father gave? 

Drink it, when drinking it thee will save.

3.  Buffeted, spitted on loaded with scorns 

Smitten, scourged, purple-robed 

crown’d with thorns.

4.  Onward to Golgotha, there I must die 

All for the love of thee it is l.


1.  NAILLED to the bitter wood: never a groan 

Bearing our guilt and sun not His own.

2.  Sun of my soul, canst Thou suffer eclipse? 

What words are those fromThy quivering lips.

3.  ‘Father forgive them the Crucified prays 

And Him the Father hears, hears always.

4.  Listen, the dying thief for mercy sighs 

Calmly He promises Paradise.

5.  Standing beside His cross kins folk 

and friend

Mary, and Magdalene wait the end.

6.  Two of them henceforth are mother

and son

Broken hearts by His word bound as one.

7.  Darkness wraps earth and sky night 

at mid day

Moments like centuries pass away.

8.  Hark through the gloom is heard one 

dreadful cry

‘Thou hast forsaken Me, Father, why?

9.  On that abandonment! Oh death accursed! 

What means that plaint of woe. that

"I thirst?"

10.  Hark, “It is finish'd Thy warfare is done 

Death and hell grappled with victory won.

11.  Father receive My soul, "His latest breath 

Jesus, the Lord of life, 

sleeps in death.  Amen


1.  CHILD of My agonies bought with My blood 

     Ransom‘d from Satan's thrail, saved for God.

2.  ‘Come to Me, weary one, come to My breast 

     Here in My bleeding wounds hide and rest.

3.  'Come to My Father’s feet, come without fear

      I am thy Advocate, always near.

4.  Drink of the Spirit’s grace, all things are thine 

     l am thy heritage, thou art Mine.  Amen

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