HYMN 315

H.C. 202 t. 449 6. 7s. (FE 338)
Tune: Apata Aiyeraiye.
"Let us labour therefore to enter 
enter that rest" - Heb. 4:11

1.  SABBATH of the saints or old 

     Day of mysteries manifold

     By the great creator blest 

     Typical of rest so sweet

     Resting from His work the Lord 

     Spake to-day the hallow’d word.

2.  Resting in the tomb to-day

     Still the Saviours body lay

     Wrapt in sleep, from head to feet 

     Shrouded in the winding sheet 

      Lying in the rock alone

      Hidden and by the sealed stone.

3.  Lord, with Thee still life shall end 

     We would solemn vigil spend

     Close the door from sight and sound 

     Of the busy world around

      And in patient watch remain 

     Till thou shalt appear again.

4.  Still with thee their sabbath keep 

      They who 'neath the altar sleep 

     Resting from their labours past 

     Waiting for the trumphet‘s blast 

     When, the new creation done 

     Endless joys shall be begun.

5.  Jesus, keep us safe from sin 

     With them let us enter in 

     Danger past and toil at end 

     And to those blest joys ascend 

     There in flesh our God to see 

     And adore eternally.  Amen

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