HYMN 320

C.M.S 219 H.C 7s. 8s 4 (FE 343)
"I am he that liveth, and was dead
and behold, l am alive for 
evermore" - Rev. 1:18

1.  JESUS lives thy terrors now

     Can, O Death, no more appeal us 

     Jesus lives by this we know

     Thou, O; Grave canst not enthral 

     us Alleluia.

2.  Jesus lives henceforth is death

     But the gate of life immortal

     This shall calm our trembling 


     When we pass its gloomy 

     portal Alleluia.

3.  Jesus lives, for us he died 

     Then alone to Jesus living 

     Pure in heart may we abide 

     Glory to our Saviour Jesus 


4.  Jesus lives: our heans know well 

     Nought from us His love shall 

     sever Life, nor death, not powers of hell 

     Tear us from His Love and 



5.  Jesus lives: to Him the throne

     Over all the world is given

     May we go where He is gone

     Rest and reign with Him in Heaven. 

     Alleluia.  Amen

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