HYMN 323

H.C 207 11s (FE 346)
"And have the keys of hell and 
of death" - Rev. 1:18

1.  WELCOME, happy morning 

     Age to age shall say;

     Hell to-day is Vanquished 

     Heaven is won to-day 

     Lo, the Dead is living 

     God for ever more

     Him their true Creator

     All His works adore! 

Chorus:  Welcome, happy morning...

2.  Earth with joy confesses 

     Clothing her for spring

     All good gifts return‘d with 

     Her returning King:

     Bloom in every meadow, 

     Leaves on every bough, 

     Speak His sorrow ended 

     Hail His triumph now. 

Chorus:  Welcome, happy morning...

3.  Months in due succession 

     Days of lengthening lights, 

     Hours and passing moments 

     Praise thee in their flight 

     Brightness of the morning 

     Sky and fields, and sea 

     Vanquisher of darkness 

     Bring their praise to Thee.

Chorus:  Welcome, happy morning...

4.  Lose the hearts long prison'd 

     Bound with Saturn‘s chain

     All that now is fallen raise to life again

     Show Thy face in Brightness

     Bid the nations see; 

     Bring again our daylight; 

     Day returns with thee.

Chorus:  Welcome, happy morning etc.  Amen

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