HYMN 325

H.C 210 7s (FE 348)
“Christ is risen" - Mark 16:6

1.  CHRIST The Lord is risen today 

     Halleluyah And Sons of men, angels 

     say / Halleleuyah! Raise your joys and 

     triumphs high Halleluyah Sing, yet 

     heavens; thou earth reply Halleluyah!

2.  Love’s redeeming work is done Halleluyah 

     Fought the fight, the battle won Halleluyah 

     Lo! our Son’s eclipse is o er Halleluyah

     Lo! He sets in blood no more Halleluyah.

3.  Vain the stone, the watch, the sea! 

     Halleluyah Christ hath burst the gates 

     of hell Halleluyah Death in vain forbids 

     His rise Halleluyah Christ hath open’d 

     Paradise Halleluyah.

4.  Live again our glorious King Halleluyah 

     Where, O death, is now thy sting 

     Halleluyah Once He died our souls to 

     save Halleluyah Where is thy Victory, 

     O grave? Halleluyah.

5.  Soar we now where Christ hath led 

     Hallelujah Following our exalted Head 

     Halleluyah Made like Him, like Him we 

     rise Halleluyah Ours the cross, the 

     grave, the skies Hallaluyah.

6.  Hail the Lord of earth and Heaven 

     Halleluyah Praise to Thee by both 

     be given Halleluyah Thee we great 

     triumphant now Halleluyah Hail the 

     Resurrection Thou Halleluyah.  Amen

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