HYMN 328

(FE 351)
K. 160 5t.S 747 88.6.

1.  JESUS who died the world to save 

     From the cold tomb rose up again 

     By His great power divine

     From pangs of death He was set free 

     Captivity He lead captive

     He lives, no more to die.

2.  O, ye children of God, behold 

     The blessed Saviour in glory 

     He, vanquisher of death

     No more sorrows not any fear 

     He has gone a place to prepare 

     He‘ll come and take you home.

3.  In mercy and love down He looked 

     On those He has redeemed on earth 

     His they are rejoicing

     Their joys and afflictions He sees 

     To have victory for them He prayed 

     And with Him reign for aye.  Amen

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