HYMN 332

(FE 335) C.M.S 233 t.S.634 C.M

1.  I am telling, each, everyone 

     That He arose and iives

     And He is in our midst here too 

     By His quickening Spirit.

2.  Tell it to your neighbour also 

     That they may rise with us

     That light may shine all round about 

     Through all our days on earth.

3.  This world doth now have a foretaste 

     Of Father’s home on high

     The new life that His grace imparts 

     Makes it an heavenly place.

4.  The way of the grave that He trod 

     Leads us on to the skies

     Who ever follows His footsteps 

     Will go to Him in heaven.

5.  He is alive and here with us

     To the ends of the world

     And when this mortal frame we yield 

     Back to the dust, in hope.  Amen

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