HYMN 337 P.B 167 11s (FE 360)

1.  WHAT are those Sabbath of joy

     without end

     Angels in light and the glorified spend 

     Rest for the weary, for victors reward, 

     There God Himself all and adored?

2.  Who is the Monarch? who circle His throne? 

     What is the calm restful bliss of His own? 

     Tell us, ye blessed ones worshipping there, 

     Tell us, if words can your rapture declare.

3.  Oh true Jerusalem, city most bright 

     Whose perfect peace is eternal delight:

     Longings in thee are fulfill‘d ere express’d 

     More than was long’d for embraced 

     and posses'd.

4.  Troubles all past, in the courts of our King 

     We without fear Zion‘s anthems shall sing, 

     Off’ring Thee, Lord, in Thy presence above 

     Love's pure responses for gifts of Thy love.

5.  There never Sabbath to Sabbath gives place; 

     One is their Sabbath who gaze on Thy face 

     There never cease heaven‘s jubilee songs 

     Chanted by saints and by sweet angel tongues.

6.  Meantime in heart and with faith

     winged prayers

     Seek we our Fatherland yonder and theirs; 

     While to Jerusalem bounden we roam 

     Exiles returning from Babylon home.

7.  Now before Him we adoring fall

     Of whom and through whom and in 

     whom are all; 

     Of whom the Father, and through whom 

     the Son In whom the Spirit of Both, 

     ever one.  Amen

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