HYMN 344

(FE 367)
C.M.S 243 H.C 280 H.C 78 D 7s

1.  O CHRIST, Thou hast ascended 

     Triumphantly on high

     By cherub guards attended 

     And armies of the sky

     Let earth tell forth the story 

     Our very flesh and bone 

     Emmanuel, in glory

     Ascends His FATHER‘s Throne.

2.  There, there Thou standest pleading 

     The virtue of Thy Blood

     For sinners interceding

     Our Advocate with GOD;

     And every changeful fashion

     Of our brief joys and cares

     Finds though in Thy compassion 

     And echo in Thy prayers.

3.  Oh, for a priceless merit

     Of Thy redeeming Cross 

     Vouchsafe Thy Sevenfold SPIRIT 

     And turn to gain our loss

     Till we, by strong endeavour

     In heart and mind ascend,

     And dwell with Thee for ever

     In glories without end.   Amen

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