HYMN 347

t.H.C 99 10s (FE 370)

1.  O hear the song of rejoicing in heaven 

     The song of joy of the triumph of Christ 

     All enemies bowed down their heads 

     for Him Sin and death and the cold,

     dark grave also.

2.  He is prepared to receive the Kingdom 

     For God the Father, Creator of all 

     He is prepared to received a great praise 

     That's meet for Captain of our Salvation.

3.  His departure was a thing of sorrow

     For His chosen disciples who loved Him,

     Do not depair was the word of comfort 

     “I will go to prepare a place for you".

4.  The clouds received the Lord 

     out of their gaze. The firmament hid the 

     Saviour from view The hosts of heaven 

     burst out in shouts of joy For the return 

     of the Lord of glory.

5.  Do not allow your heart to be troubled

     Jesus our hope shall surely come again

     He shall come to take His own people 
     where They shall live and reign with 

     Him forever.  Amen

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