HYMN 348

H.C 234 D.S.M (FE 371)

1.  THOU art gone up on high

     To massions in the skies

     And round Thy Throne unceasingly

     But we are lingering here

     With sin and care oppressed 

     Lord, send Thy promised Comforter 

     And lead us to our rest.

2.  Thou art gone upon high

     But Thou dist first come down 

     Through earth‘s most bitter misery 

     To pass unto Thy Crown

     And girt with griefs and fear

     Our onward course must be

     But only let this path of tears

     Lead us at last to Thee.

3.  Thou art gone up on high

     But Thou shalt come again

     With all the bright ones of the sky 

     Attendant in Thy train

     Lord, by Thy saving power

     So make us live and die

     That we may stand in that dread 

     hour At Thy right Hand on high.  Amen

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