HYMN 351

(FE 374) C.M.S 257 H.C 423 
t. A. &. M. 438 C.M.

1.  A mount exist so high and bright 

     Where-on our God is known

     He reigneth in heaven above 

     The throne of God it is.

2.  Who are those in proximity 
     To watch over His throne 

     Multitude abide there above 

     All infants just like us.

3.  The Saviour blot away their sins

     And made them whole and pure

     They love His word and love His days 

     They love and Him they found.

4.  Beneath the green pastures they 

     lay And there took they their rest 

     Their salvation and rest assured 

     On the Saviour’s bossom.

5.  May we all tread as those who trod 

     The hea‐venly bound path 

     Seeking the forgiveness of God 

     Who hath forgavest them.

6.  Jesus hark the la/men/ta/tions 

     That can our soul renew

     A’top the high shinning mountain

     Shall we look unto Thee.  Amen

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