HYMN 357

(FE 380) C.M.S 259 H.C 247 D.S.M
“So shall we ever be with the Lord"
- 1 Thess. 4:17

1.  FOR ever with the Lord

     Amen, so let it be

     Life from the dead is in 

     that word 'Tis immortality

     Here in the body spent,

     Absent from Him I roam

     Yet nightly pitch my moving tent, 

     A day’s march nearer home.

2.  My Father’s house on high 

     Home of my soul, how near

     At times to faith's foreseeing eye 

     Thy golden gates appears

     Ah, then my spirit faints

     To reach the land I love

     The bright inheritance of saints 

     Jerusalem above.

3.  Yet clouds will intervene

     And all my prospects fly

     Like Noah's dove, I fly between 

     Rough seas and stormy skies

     And all the clouds depart

     The winds and waters cease

     While sweetly o'er my gladen’d 

     heart Expands the bow of peace.

4.  I hear at morn and eve

     At noon and midnight how

     The choral harm‘nies of heaven 

     Earth‘s babel‐tongues o’er power 

     That resurrection word

     That shout of victory song

     Once more, Forever with the Lord 

     Amen, so let it be.  Amen

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