HYMN 360

(FE 382)
C.M.S 418 t. H. C 585
"Small and great stand before 
God" - Rev. 20:12

1.  WE adore/Thee O Lord

     Thou head of the church/of Thy 

     people The Churches here on 

     earth/and in heaven, Halleluyah!

2.  Thou who died/ and rose for us 

     Who is with the father/pleading 

     for us Glory and honour/be to 

     Thee Halle/lujah!

3.  And on great day/of Pentecost

    Thou who sent paraclete/to the 

    World His comfort is a/biding 

    with us Halle/lujah!

4.  From Thy throne above/in the sky 

     Where He's looking/ at His servant

     He is coming/for His martyrs 


5.  Praises, honour and majesty/to

     His name For the death/of His 

     servants Throughout/the world 

     at large Halle/lujah!   Amen

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