HYMN 362

Tune: CM (FE 384)

1.  HARK the heav’ly Angelic HosT 

     Glory to God they give

     And doth the Shepherd

     Praise giveth to Him.

2.  In fellowship, the heavenly Hosts

     And the twelve heav'nly saints

     Cherubim and the Seraphim 

     Praises, giveth to Him.

3.  Hundred and forty four thousand 

     The Band of Prophet saints

     And them who loves our Saviour 

     Lord Praises, giveth to Him.

4.  Shout heav'nly Hosts, in roaring voice

     Hark the voice, ye of earth

     Inspire us with Holy Ghost

     Praises we give to Him.

5.  Thus ye members of Cherubim 

     And ye Seraphim Band 

     Amidst the earthly wilderness 

     Praises, giveth to God.

6.  Glory be unto Gracious

     God And glory to His Son

     Glory be to the Holy Ghost 

     In heaven high above.  Amen

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