C.M.S. 33 k.412 t. H.C 254 
tab 18 L.M (FE 54)

1.  SIX days at work and toil are past

     This one begun, is meant for rest

     Come thou my heart, and take thine rest 

     Rejoice thou in blessed day of God.

2.  Let all our thoughts and praises rise 

     Like sweet savour unto Thy throne 

     That it may bring down joy untold 

     Known only to the Holy Saints.

3.  This heavenly peace of heart is given 

     As witness of a glorious rest 

     Unto the sanctified, the Saints

     The end of afflictions and cares.

4.  O Lord, we rejoice at Thy work

     In various hues, both new and old 

     We praise Thee, Lord, for mercy given 

     In earnest hope of that to come.

5.  Give unto God thy worship day 

     Be glad, today before the Lord 

     Oh, how sweet to expect in hope 

     The eternal rest high above.  Amen

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