HYMN 372

C.M.S 420 H.C 578 
( (FE 394)

1.  HEAD of the Church triumphant 

     We joyfully adore Thee,

     Till Thou appear, Thy members here 

     Shall sing like those in glory

     We lift our hearts and voices

     With blessed anticipation

     And cry aloud, and give to God

     The praise of our salvation.

2.  While in affliction's furnace

     And passing through the fire

     Thy love we praise in grateful lays 

     Which ever brings us higher

     We clap our hands, exulting

     In Thine almighty favour

     The love divine, that made us Thine 

     Shall keep us Thine for ever.

3.  Thou dost conduct Thy people 

     Through torrents of tempation

     Nor will we fear, while Thou art near 

     The fire of tribulations

     The world, with sin and satan

     In vain our march opposes

     By Thee we shall break through them all 

     And sing the song of Moses.

4.  By faith we see the glory

     To which Thou shall restore us

     The world despise, for that high prize 

     Which Thou hast set before us

     And, if Thou count us worthy

     We each, with dying Stephen

     Shall see Thee stand at God's right hand 

     To call us up to heaven.  Amen

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