HYMN 377

(FE 398)
Tune: Jeka layo ninu Jesu

1.  O! Spirit Divine please descend

Come and be sitted in our hearts

And make Thine abode within us

our souls We wretched sinners 

plead with Thee.

2.  As we dwelleth still here on earth

To much misdeeds we are prone 

Consequently leading to temptations 

Lord we plead Thee, us come to save.

3.  When in our temptations we are 

     bound Acquaintances may desert

     Hold fast to thy faith, keep on praying 

     hard Jesus shall make thee triumphant.

4.  Here below, friend may deceive thee

     Even parents may desert

     Hold fast to thine faith, call upon the 

     Lord In Jesus, thou shall find a friend.

5.  He harkens to thee day and night

     Thine supplications He knows

     As thou calleth upon His name, 

     He harks His promises to thee fulfilled.

6.  Call on Me often day and night

     With unblemished faithful heart

     Lift up thine gentle soul unto the Lord 

     Jehovah Jireh shall access.

7.  Show love and kindness to all men 

     Forgive all who transgress thee

     Add unto thine good works a faithful heart 

     Thence shall Christ Jesus save thy soul.  Amen

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