HYMN 378

(FE 399)

1.  SPIRIT Divine descend

     This sanctuary dwell

     And four living elders 

     Dwelling high above 

     Desccnd now in thine power 

     From the holy hill

     May the everlasting savour 

     On our lives bestow

     Come worship, come worship In 

     this sanctuary

     May all our endeavours

     Unto success lead.

2.  Power of authority

     Sent from high above

     On Solomon endowed

     In sanctifying

     Eternal sanctuary

     Of Jerusalem

     Round about the universe 
     All over the world

     Come hark to our prayers

     In this sanctuary

     As ye hark the prayers of 

     Father Solomon.

3.  Beneficent Father

     Harken to our prayers 

     We Thine children are here 

     Requesting of Thee

     Some in tribulations

     Some are un‐employed

     Some are desirous of blessings

     Some, Thee can not praise 

     Please hark, please hark Father 

     Hark to our requests,

     May our prayers often 

     Be confirmed we plead.

4.  Unto all the elders

     Thine grace, please endow

     As Thou endowed upon

     Saints of ages past

     In Thy name they all strove 

     Glorious crown they earned 

     Glorious crown for elders to earn 

     By Thine Holy Ghost

     Parents testifying

     Thee, Apostles praise 

     And all Evangelists 

     Shepherds, thee to praise.

5.  Thine blessings abundant 

     Be unto thine church 

     Unto the young and old 

     And to ministers

    Mary and Martha Bands

    And Queen Esther Band 

    Lientenants and all our mothers 

    And the coming folds

    Glory Band and fathers 

    Soliders of Christ Band 

    Blessings of Almighty

    On choir descend.  Amen

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