HYMN 379

C.M.S 273 H.C 595 (FE 400)
“He breathed unto them and saith 
receive ye the Holy Ghost" - John 20:22

1.  COME, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, 

     And lighten with celestial fire,

     Thou the anointing spirit art,

     Who Thy seven fold gifts impart.

2.  Thy blessed unction from above, 

     ls comfort, life, and tire of love 

     Enable with perpetual light

     The dullness of our blinded sight.

3.  Anoint and cheer up our soiled face, 

     With the abundance of Thy grace,

     Keep far our foes, give peace at home 

     Where Thou are guide no ill can come.

4.  Teach us to know the Father, Son

     And Thee of both to be but one, 

     That through the ages all along

     This may be all our endless song.  Amen

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