HYMN 380

C.M.S 274. o.t.H.C 224, 7s (FE 401)

1.  DESCEND, gracious Holy Ghost 

     Dwell Thou with us in this world 

     Things of God reveal to us 

     Inspire us to serve the Lord.

2.  Sin is in our heart within

     That is hard with us overcome 

     Our own power is not enough 

     Except by Thy grace alone.

3.  How we want sin be destroyed 

     Within our heart and without Come,

     Thou Holy Spirit come 

     And wash away all our sins.

4.  Thou, O God, art all our need 

     Give Thy Holy Ghost to us 

     That we may keep Thy precepts 

     And walk in Thy perfect ways.  Amen

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