HYMN 381

t.H.C 254 L.M (FE 402)

1.  O Holy Dove, from heav'n descend 

     Lift us up on Thy wings divine

     Lift us above, the lusts and pride 

     Above the world and all it‘s sins.

2.  We long to see Thy throne O God 

     High up heav’n within Thy courts

     The blessed Saviour sits up there 

     And reigns with Thee in human frame.

3.  The saints of God around Him stand

     All thrones and power before Him fall 

     The Lord appeared in human frame

     And sheds His glory all around.

4.  O God, when will the day draw nigh

      When I fly to Thy courts above

     And join to fall down before Thee

     To adore Thee, and sing Thy praise.  Amen

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