HYMN 390

O. t. H.C 97 7s (FE 413) 
"Glory to God in the highest
- Luke: 2:14

1.  GIVE glory to the Father

     By whom we are made to live 

     He hears the prayer of youths 

     He listen to their Sweet Songs.

2.  Give glory unto the Son

     Jesus Christ Thou an our King 

     Come ye sing aloud the song 

     Unto the Lamb of Sinners.

3.  Glory be to Holy Ghost

     Like the day of Pentecost

     Stir up the souls of the youths

     Fill their lips with holy songs.

4.  Glory be to God high

     Three in One and One in Three 

     For the gospel of our Lord

     And our God eternal love.  Amen

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