HYMN 393

O.t.H.C 136 C.M (FE 416)

1.  ALMIGHTY God of Creation 

     Father, Son Holy Ghost

     Whose face no human eye can see

     The Invisible God.

2.  Thou Father our Almighty God

     We tremble before Thee

     All nations here shall worship Thee 

     Before Thine altar, Lord.

3.  Lord Jesus our own bossom friend 

     Redemption Thou has brought 

     Forsake us not, Saviour Divine 

     But save us to the end.

4.  Oh Holy Ghost, Spirit Divine 

     Full of Heav'ns grace, Thou art 

     Bestow Thy wisdom from above 

     To know that God is love.

5.  The Three in One, yet One in Three 

     The Trinity Divine

     The mystery unsearchable God 

     The Trinity Divine.  Amen.

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