HYMN 394

t.H 577 6s 8s (FE 417)

1.  WE give immortal praise 

     To God the Father's love

     For all Fatherly love

     And better hopes above

     He sent His own eternal Son

     To die for sins that man had done.

2.  To God the Son belongs

     lmmortal glory too

     Who bought us with His blood 

     From everlasting woe

     And now He lives, and now he reigns 

     And sees the fruit, of all His pains.

3.  To God the spirit’s name

     Immortal worship give

     Whose new‐creating power

     Makes the dead sinner live

     His work completes the great design 

     And fills the soul, with joy divine.

4.  Almighty God, to Thee

     Be endless honours done

     The undivided Three

     And the mysterious One

     Where reason fails, with all her powers 

     There faith prevails and love adores.  Amen

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