HYMN 396

H.C 487 7S (FE 419)
"O how love I thy law! It is my
meditation all the day" - Ps. 119:97

1.  HOLY Bible Book divine 

     Precious treasure, thou art mine 

     Mine to tell me when I came 

     Mine to teach me what I am.

2.  Mine to chide me when I rove 

     Mine to show a Saviuor's love 

     Mine art thou to guide my feet

     Mine to jugde, condemn acquit.

3.  Mine in comfort in distress 

     If the Holy Spirit bless 

     Mine to Show by living faith 

     Mine can triumph over death.

4.  Mine to tell of joys to come

     Light and life beyond the tomb 

     Holy Bible, book divine

     Precious treasure, thou art mine.  Amen

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