HYMN 397

(FE 420) 119 2nd Pt t.H.C 400 C.M

1.  HOW shall our children and young ones 

     Take heed and cleanse their ways, 

     Only by taking heed thereto 

      According to Thy word.

2.  Thy word entered into the heart 

     And sheds its light abroad

     It gives wisdom to the simple 

     And the knowledge of God.

3.  Thy word, is sun, our light Divine 

     Our guide in noon-day bright

     A lamp unto our feet alway 

     From dangers of the night.

4.  Thy word is everlasting Truth 

     It is all clean and pure,

     Our guide in all our joyful days 

     A staff for the grey age.  Amen

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