C.M.S 5, H.C 17, L.M (FE 21)
"When will Thou come unto me" - Ps 101:2

1.  COME to me, Lord, when I first wake,

     As the faint lights of rimming break; 

     Bid purest thoughts within me rise,

     Like crystal dew-drops to the skies.

2.  Come to me in the sultry noon

     Or earths low communions will soon

     Of Thy dear face eclipse the light,

     And change my fairest day In night.

3.  Come to me in the evening shade

     And if my heart from Thee hath stray'd 

     Oh bring it back, and from afar

     Smil:e on me like Thine evening star.

4.  Come to me in the midnight hour,

     When sleep with holds its balmily power 

     Let my lone Spirit find her rest

     Like John, upon my Saviour's breast

5.  Come to me through life‘s varied way 

     And when its pulses cease to play 

     Then, Saviour bid be come to Thee

     That where Thou art, Thy child may be.  Amen

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