C.M.S 36, O.t.H.C. 16, L.M (FE 57)

1.  HOW delightful is the Lord‘s day

     The hell that rings, the word we hear 

     When I feel sad and sorrowful

     They always make my hearts so glad.

2.  How delightful also the hour

     That I observe within Thy courts

     To know the sweet pleasure in prayer 

     Partake the manna of Thy Word.

3.  There is delight in the "Amen" 

      From many lips that fill the house 

      It pours out from the throat of men 

      And passes to the Father's throne.

4.  The world may wish to tie me down 

     To its six-day labour burden

     Break up the chain, remove the snare 

     Release my soul and set me free.  Amen

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