HYMN 404

H.C 133 C.M. (FE 427)
“O Lord, how manifestold are 
Thy works"- Ps. 104:24

1.  THERE is a book, who runs may read, 

     Which heav'nly truth imparts

     And all the lore its scholars need 

     Pure eyes and Christian hearts.

2.  The works of God above, below 

     Within us and around

     Are pages in that book to show 

     How God himself is found.

3.  The glorious sky embracing all

     Is like the Maker's love 

     Where with encompass’d, great and

     small In peace and order move.

4.  Thou who hast giv'n me eyes to see 

     And love this sight so fair

     Give me a heart to find out Thee,

     And read Thee everywhere.  Amen

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